Features of Coin Master

If you want to enjoy a fairytale journey with Vikings or would like to play and throng your rivals and achieve the treasure, then for sure coin master will be your ultimate and perfect game for you. Once you kick-start to play the game, you will certainly get impressed by the beauty of the game. This game will definitely allow you to travel through the magical and unforgettable places, build your village and to rule the Viking Empire. On becoming the owner of the strongest village, you will become the coin master.

Gaining the coins

The first step is becoming the master by building each and every item you will be able to get 20 stars. On collecting the 20 stars you can go to the next village. You need to utilize the slot machine to gain coins, attack and raid other villages. You also can gain coins by making use of the hammer to attack your rivals. You can earn shields by spinning the wheels; shields will protect you from the strange villagers.

Rural stores

You need to start the game only by building the first village. In order to do that you first have to click on the building icon. you will be first given with 75000coins in your account. From the coins which are been given to you, you have to make a purchase of house of 60000 coins.

There are lot many options available in the village shop. On progress in the game, you will be able to see that the items which were locked earlier would have unlocked naturally. The item which will be unlocked at the beginning of the game is just the home which you would have to purchase.

Slot machine

Each and every item which you build in the game will reward you one star. You need to collect 20 stars, only then you can go to the next level. As you have already spent 60000 coins to build the house, you will definitely fall short of the coins. So you can use the slot machine to attack, earn coins and also raid the other villages.

How does slot machine work?

There is a timer on the slot machine, because of which you can get only 5 spins every hour. You need to spin the slot machine very carefully so that you get many coins. Adding to that, if you fail to check the game every hour you tend to lose 5 spins.

Once on gaining the attack icon on the slot machine, you can always go fearlessly and attack the villagers to gain coins. By attacking one village you will be able to earn the coins belonging to that village. While going through the game, you will be able to attack a number of villagers and keep on winning more coins.

Card gathering

There are more than expected cards available in the game. These cards are usually being unlocked when you reach specific levels. Some get unlocked at level 3 and some at level 5 and so on. Developers keep on developing the cards.

Start winning the coins and be the master of the game and take the Viking Empire under your control.

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